Whew, there is always something to do on a farm…

Whew, there is always something to do on a farm but things have been really busy. We were enjoying the chickens so much we decided to get a few more hens to round out the flock and give us another breed to compare egg laying abilities. We are keeping them apart for a little while to observe the new girls and make sure everyone is fully healthy as well as letting them get used to seeing each other before we move them into the chicken tractor.

The new girls are Orpingtons, a cross of a buff Orpington and a blue Orpington. They started out here in a plastic enclosed crate–which was perfect for transport–and then after a few days we moved them into a big dog crate, leaving out the tray. These hens were raised in a stationary pen with no grass so we thought they would enjoy having access to grass, and they have! They have decided this new environment isn’t a bad gig at all. 🙂 As you can see from the photo, the Orpingtons have a raised waterer that they can’t knock over (a common event with their water container this past week), a trough feeder that also can’t be knocked over, and a tray of grit and oyster shell. Mr. Sweet Gum Farm has fixed their crate up well this weekend. The girls are quite enthusiastic about their digs and the access to grass.

Everyone looks perky, bright-eyed and clean, fluffy-butted. 🙂

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