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    This category is for our Slow Growing GMO-free pasture-raised Premium chicken. Our Premium chicken is raised on pasture and it takes 10 - 12 weeks before they are ready to process. The breed we are using for our Premium chicken is Freedom Rangers (TM). Some of the reasons we like this breed are:

    • Produces tender, succulent meat
    • Does not have the health issues that the commonly used breeds do
    • Active and robust breed for pastured environments
    • More yellow omega 3 fat and less saturated fat than fast-growing breed
    To learn more read our full blog post about the Freedom Ranger (TM).

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    The egg layers we use are a breed that does extremely well on pasture and lives outside on pasture in the fresh air and sunshine year-round. Learn more about how we raise the chickens, and the layer breed we have, on our about page.

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