This past week the new poultry fencing arrived and we…

This past week the new poultry fencing arrived and we began using it. It is a huge improvement over the fencing we had been using to protect the chickens. The new fence surrounds a relatively large area around the mobile chicken tractor, giving the chickens much more room to roam as they forage and keeping predators out with an electric shock. Yesterday we began their free ranging, letting the chickens roam the old garden site, scratching and pecking to their hearts’ content. I’ve attached a few pictures from their weekend activities.

The Colonel (as in Colonel Sanders) is the white rooster, aka the Top Dog. The other rooster, in the second photo, is Beauregard. It’s too difficult to tell the 8 hens apart so they will be getting colored anklets soon so I can keep track of them as individuals. That means they will be getting names, of course!

Our egg cartons also arrived so we can now offer for sale the eggs from these happy girls. They forage on grass supplemented with high quality, non-GMO feed from Coosa Valley Milling. The eggs are brown to light brown as we have 2 breeds of hens; one breed lays brown, the other lays light brown eggs. The price is $5 for a carton of a dozen eggs. PM us if you are interested in purchasing eggs.

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    BTW, the red Solo cup on the inside of the fence had 2 eggs in it. I had collected them, put them in the Solo cup, and then set it down out of the way. There was no alcohol involved in the chickens’ weekend fun. 🙂

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