Single Male Mockingbird Seeks

Single male mockingbird seeks single female mockingbird. Indefatigable vocal stamina. He sings beautifully, cheerfully and loudly all night long. Showcases entire repertoire many, many, many times over during the night. Admirable vocal range and song variety. Send replies to me, as he is right outside my bedroom window so I will gladly transmit any messages to him. A match requiring relocation is not a dealbreaker; while I would miss his cheerful song, I would not miss it during the night when I’m sleeping soundly in his absence. However, since it’s his single status that is pointed to as the reason for the nighttime vocal display, adding a female mockingbird to the yard here would be acceptable. Feel free to spread this message far and wide; single male mockingbird needs a mate and I need a good night’s sleep!

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