Colonel Sounds the Alarm

Today there was a sudden, loud outcry at the chicken tractor and I stopped what I was doing and went to investigate. The chickens (the adults, not the broiler chicks) were in their pastured area surrounded by the netting and Colonel was broadcasting his alarm call quite loudly. The whole flock was standing near the fence. Based on the agitation and body language, I ascertained there was a threat inside the chicken tractor. From my vantage point outside the netting I looked but didn’t see anything, but he was still sounding the alarm so I figured the threat was still present. Hm, what could have upset him like that?, I wondered. I went into the fenced area, looked inside the tractor, and started laughing. They were all atwitter because somehow one of them had knocked the lid off the water bucket!!!

The bright orange bucket lid was lying on the ground inside the chicken tractor and it had rocked their world. lol Maybe to them a big orange disk falling was kind of like the sky falling. The fact that one of them must have been on top of the water bucket to knock it off—-well, chickens are prey animals so are jumpy by nature. They certainly are entertaining, that’s for sure!

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