Moving Day for the Chicks

The broiler chicks are almost 4 weeks old so feathered enough to be able to be moved outside now. This weekend
was the big move.
The tractor on the left doesn’t have the waterproof tarp yet and there was rain expected this weekend so we put them all in the tractor on the right for now.  Once the shade cloth dries out from the rain we can put the tarp on it and then move half of the chicks into the second tractor.  Looking at the picture of the tractor interior, both of the pvc pipes at the back have nipples on the underside so they can get water.  The feeder is the trough in the middle, at the photo’s foreground, also made out of pvc.
Here a few are, on their way to their new digs!     Um, do we want to get out of the carrier?  We don’t think so.    First steps into the chicken tractor. 

Here they are getting their first look around from the inside the tractor, and they are looking outside at the whole new world.  (And yes, I’m singing that phrase, lol.  Aladdin, anyone?)
Here is the first chick to look down at the grass.  Grass?  What is that?  

Here they all are realizing, “Oh, it’s grass!!!! Yum!!” They also quickly started scratching at the ground and exploring the tractor; soon one figured out that there was a gap where the ground was uneven, resulting in a small free-for-all as we realized four of them had gotten out of the tractor, playing “Follow the Leader.” Fortunately they were so agog at all the new discoveries that they didn’t realize they could run away from the tractor.  They were safely returned and the gap blocked. 

They are all enjoying the new digs and have already figured out that our moving the tractor means new grass for them.  Yum!

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