Jumping in With Both Feet

We excited to share that we’ve taken (another) big step: we have placed our first order for broiler chicks! 
A lot of research, thought, and discussion has gone on behind the scenes about this, but it can all basically be summed up as: we cooked and ate one of the chickens we processed in a class earlier this month and it was Delicious!  It was so tender and tasty; Mr. Sweet Gum Farm made the comment, “This is what I remember chicken tasting like when I was a kid”, and I have to agree.  That was the moment we decided we really want to do this. We want to raise meat birds that we give good lives where they can happily peck, scratch and forage grass and bugs all day outside in the sunshine with high quality, non-GMO feed available as supplement.  We want to know what exactly has gone into raising the chickens and that they have been humanely treated.  We have chosen a slower-growing breed too, that will mean the broilers will take longer to reach processing weight so the meat will have more flavor.    

We’ve had such good feedback from our hens’ eggs that we have realized that there are other people locally who share these values; thus we have decided to make these whole broilers available for sale when they reach processing size/weight.  That should take an estimated 12 weeks after they arrive.  The approximate weight of these whole birds will be around 4 to 5 pounds each, and the price will be $5 per pound.  We have started a waiting list of people who want to purchase these chickens so email us at sales@sweetgumfarmal.com if you would like to add your name to the reservation list. 

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