Earlier today we saw that one of the ladies had…

Earlier today we saw that one of the ladies had laid an egg in the middle of the coop. Later I went to get it before we moved the chicken tractor and didn’t see it in the middle anymore. This is what I saw. In all there were 5 eggs laid and one of the chickens had considerately rolled them all together in a back corner of the tractor! LOL


    Didn’t they have a nesting box before?

    They did. They figured out the new style (to them) waterer and figured out the roost, but no one has used the nesting boxes yet. In the picture you can see the pink bar/roost in front of the blue nesting boxes. ?

    Try putting a couple golf balls in each box with the hay.

    Looks like you have some Rhode Islands Reds. Maybe the hen will start laying and setting. Make sure you take the eggs in the boxes away from them because they will start breaking and eating the eggs. Once they start it’s hard to break the habit.

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