Did We Really Fit in this Box?

I’ve been wanting to show how much the chicks have grown and the box the chicks were shipped is a perfect illustration. Today I put the original shipping box into the chicken tractor and, without prompting of any kind, these 2 chicks hopped on the edge of the box, looking inside, before jumping into it.  It’s hard to believe that 25 chicks were shipped in each half of this box just a few weeks ago!   

The chicks hatched and were shipped May 2nd so they are 19 days old today.  As you can see, the chicks are also showing a lot of color in their feathers.  Once all the chicks have feathered enough to be put outside, they will be able to be on grass and can forage as well as be supplemented with high quality, non-GMO feed.  We are also looking into ways to keep them cool in the heat, in addition to providing a shade cloth for their chicken tractor (a movable coop) to keep the sun off of them during the heat of the day.  Within a week or two we are hoping to put these guys on grass and watch them as they forage and eat bugs, dig in the dirt, and hunt and peck.  There are good times ahead!

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