They’re Here!!

They’re here!!!  It’s exciting having new life here at Sweet Gum Farm. By last night we had everything ready for their arrival–the chicken tractor was built and part of the interior sectioned off to contain them while they are little.  Their area was ready with fresh bedding, 2 heat lamps, 2 washed-and-ready-to-use feeders and waterers. The post office hadn’t called yet this morning but I had checked the package tracking, which said that they were indeed at the local post office so, when they opened the doors, I was there waiting and asked for the package. It was cold in the post office so the chicks were cold and quiet, but they started waking up and speaking up when the woman brought them to the counter.  Why yes, that chirpy little package of 50 peepers would be mine!  I turned on the heat for them in the car and they got louder. That’s okay, noisy, hungry chicks are live chicks. Here is the chicken tractor, ready for them, and the little travelers this morning:

The box was divided into 2 sections so there are 2 pictures; I didn’t want to leave any of the chicks out of their debut picture! Now
they are off and running around, exploring their new world, when they aren’t napping, drinking or eating.  Good times!

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