New Life

One of the beautiful things about life when paying attention to nature is that it continues on and reminds you of its enduring existence; after the flash flooding Monday and losing a favored bird, and the constant concern all week of flash flooding and the continuing rain, it’s been a tad dreary. However, one day when I was making soap, I heard a bird commotion going on outside.  My faithful sidekick–well, one of them–was parked under a chaste tree (vitex) and a pair of birds were scolding him, encouraging him to move away from their nest and hungry babies.  One of the parents had a tasty meal and the other was doing the scolding.  Larry came inside at my call and we left the birds alone.  Later, however, my curiosity got the better of me and I took a look at the nest when the parents had again left to find more food for their young brood.  The nest was higher than I am tall so I used the camera to take a look.  

Three beaks are visible in the photo so there are at least 3 young.  When I had first been trying to figure out why the birds were upset, I had glimpsed open beaks among the rose foliage but when I took the photo was after the nestlings had been fed so their beaks are closed in the picture.  Based on that, they are probably less than 6 days old.  The birds are common mockingbirds but all babies are cute and precious.  New life is so invigorating!  It was one of those heartwarming moments of nature for which I’m so grateful to witness.   

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