A Love Story – Larry and Molly

Larry (on the left) has been with us officially for 3 years so he was here before Molly (on the right, in black and white).  She is a peppy senior estimated to be about 11 or 12 years old, and she was in very bad shape when she showed up in the neighborhood.  Nevertheless, despite being quite sick and miserable, she knew the first time she set eyes on Larry that he was the cat’s meow for her.  She has shown unfettered adoration towards him ever since she arrived; no playing coy for her.  Their age difference (about 7 or 8 years) has never bothered her, nor has the fact that Larry does not share the sentiment towards her.  She has enough enthusiasm for the both of them, apparently.  

Here is a photo of the two of them together last month after a run together.  She is indeed a senior but she forgets that when he gives her the nudge to go for a run; she huffs and puffs like a chugging train yet follows him gamely.  It is so sweet.   He keeps her young at heart.  

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