Mobile Chicken Tractor build

I had a rather productive weekend working on the new mobile chicken tractor. The mobile coop is being built on  what was in a former life a travel trailer frame. The mobile tractor is going to include three different areas.  The first area will be the coop area itself, which is around sixteen feet long and will house 24 nesting boxes and roosts on the opposite wall.  The second area will be a small feed room area which will be accessed from the outside and will also have the door to enter the coop area. The third area will be a deck area that will hold 2 large plastic containers to collect rain water from the roof. Between the 2 containers they will hold 660 gallons of water for the chickens so hopefully we will not have to carry too much water to them. 

What you are seeing below is the progress of the framing of the walls, hardware cloth on the coop floor, and the plywood floor of the feed room. The large white thing is a piece of plastic that we will be using along the bottom of the walls to protect the chicks from animals, weather, and sun. The paint job as always is compliments of Mrs. Sweet Gum, and is just a primer coat. She has designs on some brighter colors as the finish coat.   

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