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Update Chicken Tractor

In other news we made a little progress this last weekend on the chicken tractor and got the roof on the feed room part of the chicken tractor. We used polycarbonate panels for the roof so we would have as much light as possible coming in on overcast and winter days.

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Update – New Mobile Chicken Tractor

It has been a couple of weeks since the last post on the status of the mobile chicken tractor I’m building. The rafters have been installed over the coop area, chicken wire has been placed on the sides, and the panels have been installed on the lower part of the walls to help protect them from predators and weather. There are still a number of things that need to be finished.  Even through the tractor is not yet finished we moved the almost 5-weeks-old chicks into the tractor a couple of days ago, and today we let them out to forage for the first time. 

The 2 open sections and the one the chicks are currently using below for a entrance will actually be filled with nesting boxes once they get built, and we will have 2 separate chicken doors/ramps in the floor that open down and will provide access from beneath the tractor floor. The interior roosts have been added, and as you can see were a big hit. The chicks were roosting on them before they were even fully installed. 

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Mobile Chicken Tractor build

I had a rather productive weekend working on the new mobile chicken tractor. The mobile coop is being built on  what was in a former life a travel trailer frame. The mobile tractor is going to include three different areas.  The first area will be the coop area itself, which is around sixteen feet long and will house 24 nesting boxes and roosts on the opposite wall.  The second area will be a small feed room area which will be accessed from the outside and will also have the door to enter the coop area. The third area will be a deck area that will hold 2 large plastic containers to collect rain water from the roof. Between the 2 containers they will hold 660 gallons of water for the chickens so hopefully we will not have to carry too much water to them. 

What you are seeing below is the progress of the framing of the walls, hardware cloth on the coop floor, and the plywood floor of the feed room. The large white thing is a piece of plastic that we will be using along the bottom of the walls to protect the chicks from animals, weather, and sun. The paint job as always is compliments of Mrs. Sweet Gum, and is just a primer coat. She has designs on some brighter colors as the finish coat.   

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Preparation of Large Chicken Tractor

The new mobile chicken tractor build-out has begun. Spent the past weekend first wire brushing the trailer to remove the rust and prep it for paint. Once the prep work was completed the trailer was painted. The frame was a twenty-four foot travel trailer in a previous life. The plan for the chicken tractor is to have a coop area at the front, a food storage area towards the rear, and then a large plastic barrel at the very end to collect rain water from the roof to use to water the chickens. Ideally we won’t have to drag a hose out there to water them like we currently do.  

This is going to be a much larger chicken tractor than the ones we currently use so it’s going to be an ongoing project to build it.  I’ll update on it as there is progress to share.