Chicken Happiness is Clover, Plus Puddles

The chickens enjoyed their move to fresh clover yesterday.  Mr. Sweet Gum said that they ran around the mowed area around the clover as if it was a race track, checking the clover patch out from all directions before they waded in and started enjoying it.  Here’s a picture of some of them still at it yesterday evening.  

Another form of entertainment they enjoy is digging down in the dirt.  Dirt is usually cooler than air temperature, especially with the recent rain.  Taking a good dirt bath is very enjoyable to them.  These 2 ladies are sisters and the same size, giving you an idea of how deep the hole in the ground is since the hen on the right is all the way in the ground.  You can also see the hen in the dirt is a much darker color since she has been rolling over and over in the dirt, covering herself with dirt and getting it all underneath and in between her many layers of feathers.  It’s a way to stay cool as well as a way to keep bugs, mites, etc off of her skin. Some days we–okay, I–like to pour water in the holes and in any divots in the ground to give them “puddles” to play in.  The ladies love it!  They will drink from the puddles, splash in them; puddles are the source of a lot of entertainment for them, and for me since I enjoy watching their antics.  

Last night even the Colonel couldn’t help but peck at some juicy morsels he saw in the grass.  He was very considerate, though, and called to his ladies to come check it out, giving them first choice of the morsels he found.  It’s really quite an interesting interaction to watch, and I am endlessly amused when he purrs to his ladies.  
Colonel is a pretty boy and he likes to strut his stuff!

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