1st Swarm trap

While I was at work the other day  Mrs. Sweet Gum messaged me from the bee yard saying she saw a swarm in a tree but it wasn’t very big. Well I get home and go about my chores, which on this evening included feeding the new hives Mrs. Sweet Gum had created that day by splitting some of our existing hives. So I am out in the bee yard so I decide to look up in the tree where the swarm was spotted earlier in the day–and what do you know? The swarm was still there, and it was a good size. So I finished feeding the new hives and rushed back to the shop to rig up a 5 frame nucleus box to make into a swarm trap. Then I rushed back to the tree with the extension ladder to place the swam box as high as I could into the tree. The swarm is still there so maybe we might be able to catch this swarm.

Updated:  The swarm had other ideas and didn’t want to move into the offered nuc. The box is still in the tree maybe we can catch the next one.


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